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U.R.B. ~ A funky , fresh new sound with a mix of reggae, hip-hop, rock-n- roll, and heavy in the funk, is an electrifying live band their live shows are incredibly energetic and are said to be one of a kind. The soul and energy is unmatched and the musicality is top notch. With a full horn section and smooth percussion, " Catfish " Dave P.'s lyrical prowess is amplified and a fresh off the top element you can't find in today's musical market. U.R.B. has won awards for Best Live Band, Best Hip-hop Act, and Best Funk Band. Currently located in Ft. Wayne, Indiana  the boys are killing stages across the Midwest. You can see U.R.B. in any combination of 2 to 9 members, with an always evolving sound this is the reason they stay on top. The band has been together for over 10 years and you see that in with their live shows made up of a variety musical veterans.  U.R.B. is all about "gettin' it on " and they do just that. Check 'em out!


Dave "Catfish" Pagan guitar, vox

Jim Teel keyboards , vox

Tim Manges guitars, vox

Maurice "Mo " Turner trombone, vox

Quincey Sanders saxophones

Will Brown percussion , vox

Duane Alexander drums , vox

Brian "B-funk" Bankson bass                                                             Alan Parr , trumpets



Want a funky band, to funk up your next event?  U.R.B. is your band! 


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